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Foam Analysis

Since years are we engaged with recording foam levels in different apparatures. In the course of the years the most different systems have been developed and been improved. However, the foam is measuring-technically demanding amusing.

Foam is fascinating, but complicated to evaluate.



The innovative foam test draught CONTIFOAM enables to form it to the customer already to established and often very specific foam check by electronic data acquisition and automated control substantially more comfortably.

See: Contifoam

Circulation Pump

This apparatus is based on 2 l double coat cylinders which offer a well-balanced relation of test volume and foam volume with still good usability at mount and dismounting or cleaning.

See: CirculationPump


The innovative foam capture ContiWashCAM allows a continuous and automatic foam capture in the bull's-eye of a washing machine.

See: ContiWashCam

Datentechnik - Ing. Franz Raab

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Expert Knowledge

Since 1983 we deal with the electronic data processing and since 1991 with the development of foam level detecting systems.


We offer a wide range of products testing the efficieny of defoamer.

Not only in the foam processing but also individual devices to the analysis of various processes, as well as programmes and web pages are our specialisation.


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