Basic Idea


Basic idea for this innovative foam test draught CONTIFOAM was the thought to develop a universal and system-open as well as EDP-supported system which allows to the customer to form his already established and often very specific foam check by electronic data acquisition and automated control substantially more comfortably.

Objective target

  • Reduction of the personnel expenditure with foam investigations
  • Computer-aided automation
  • Graphic representation of the results
  • Export and an easy report production

Solution: Contifoam

CONTIFOAM is conceived as an open system which can also integrate many existing and established test methods. It fulfils or supports many of the measuring-technically important demands with his highly pliable and modern concept:

  • Universal and PC-supported foam height measuring instrument
  • Test apparatus is between a light column and a sensor column
  • Completely programmed control (start / stop) automates
  • continuous foam capture in the show education as well as foam decay phase
  • High-resolution data registration independent of staff
  • On-line announcement of the measuring values (temperature, foam height, …)
  • Passing on of the measuring data to other systems
  • Export of the data (Excel)
  • Printing a report
  • Exact foam measuring instrument, suitable for given and future test methods and questions
  • Pliable, if necessary, automatic measuring expiry organisation
  • Exact observance of geometry, mechanics and concentration
  • Light cleansing possibility of the apparatus
  • Careful temperature control
  • Avoid from pollutions
  • Careful Operating

Completive Product:

For the users who prefer an Umpumpsystem to the foam check, we can offer an optimised Umpumpapparatur which can be pursued only or in combination with CONTIFOAM.

See: Circulation Pump System


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